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Message from Khunying Natthika Wattanavekin Angubolkul

Chairperson of the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (AWEN) and

President of the Federation of Business and Professional Women's Association of Thailand Under the Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen (BPW Thailand)

I am very pleased to welcome all speakers and participants to the Women CEOs Summit.  This important and timely event represents the fruit of proactive collaboration from many partners and stakeholders from both government and business as well as from regional and international organizations within and beyond ASEAN.

Women constitute over 51 per cent of the population in ASEAN – a region well known worldwide for its sustained dynamism and wide-ranging achievements in social and economic development.  Nevertheless, gender-based disparities remain a matter for concern in our own part of the world, and across the globe as well.  Such disparities will have to be reduced and removed so that business and government in ASEAN and elsewhere can manage and transform, better and more equitably, the multi-sided and complex challenges into shared prosperity and sustainability under the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Under the far-sighted leadership of Viet Nam during 2014-2016 and the Philippines during 2016-2018, AWEN was working closely with many stakeholders and partners to mainstream and empower women as wages and salary earners and as self-employed entrepreneurs.  Our collective efforts have led to, among other outcomes, ASEAN Leaders’ endorsement of gender mainstreaming across all three pillars of the ASEAN Community, and women’s economic empowerment in the ASEAN Economic Community at their Summits in April and November 2017.

This Women CEOs Summit is therefore part and parcel of the advocacy and outreach activities and programs for which I have the honor and privilege to convene, as Chair of AWEN during 2018-2020, in carrying out the above mandates from our Leaders.  Indeed, this is the first time that such a Summit is organized in ASEAN and by ASEAN.  Please join us plus the many leading business and policy leaders and executives from within and beyond ASEAN in sharing experiences and strategies in addressing and achieving a gender-balanced future under Industry and Globalization 4.0.

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