About the Summit

About the Women CEOs Summit

“Globalization 4.0 and Beyond: Shaping the Future of Women Enterprises”

Industry 4.0 has already caused and forced deep-seated and extensive disruptions in both business and government across the board and across the world. Such disruptions can be seen, for example, in the wide-ranging reallocations of resources and employment between genders, tasks, industries, sectors, economies and global regions. How do ASEAN and other governments and business communities redefine and reinvent policy and business strategies, approaches and models so as to better manage the challenges and stay competitive?

The Summit will bring together industry leaders plus prominent CEOs and policy executives to share their views and experiences on the challenges posed by, and the responses made to, Globalization 4.0 within and beyond ASEAN. Specifically, what are the needed changes and adaptions to be put in place by government and businesses, including but not limited to those managed and owned by women entrepreneurs, to transform disruptive challenges into advantageous opportunities?

There have been very few occasions where high-profile and high-level business executives, women entrepreneurs especially, from different sectors and industries have gathered in one place and are accorded sufficient space to examine as well as to find collective solutions to some of the major and pressing development problems of our times. The ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (AWEN) and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, warmly welcome everyone to the first ever Women CEOs Summit to be convened in ASEAN and by ASEAN.

Please join us at the Summit to gain the edge in business and connections, to have exclusive interaction with great minds in business and government, to disrupt yourself instead of being disrupted by others, to reinvent your strategies for business advantage, to learn from top business leaders from ASEAN and beyond, and to better understand next-generation leadership under Industry 4.0.

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